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Pure Rick Simpson Oil

We always offer the healthiest oil for you. You may purchase 10g, 30g and 60g packages according to your need.

All of our oils have a minimum ratio of 70% THC and lab results are available for each production. You can order online or buy face-to-face in Amsterdam.

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) refers to extracts derived from strong Indica sedative plants, with a THC level of 70+ percent, which are extremely potent and de-carboxylated. To great success, this benign, non-addictive natural drug can be used to treat or regulate cancer, pain, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, allergies, inflammations, blood pressure, anxiety, sleeping problems, and just about any other medical problems one can imagine.

Is it Totally Safe to Use?

Rick Simpson cannabis oil’s benign nature makes it a class of its own. Rick Simpson Oil is what you need if you are searching a secure medication for cancer or various other ailments. You don’t even need supervision from a doctor to use this oil.

Side-Effects of Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson Oil is purely herbal and contains no synthetic chemicals ensuring that you will not face any side-effect other than sleep and rest which is an important element in every healing process. The oil makes you feel like laying down and relaxing usually within an hour after taking a dose. We recommend that you don’t fight this effect and just try to get comfortable to get the rest you need to heal properly.

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